Learn Dream Catcher Live and Catch your Dreams

Everyone dreams of being in a game show. There will always be a certain type of magic that you can only find in its vibrant lights and fun interactions. Make this dream come true in the comforts of your own home. Learn the rules of Dream Catcher Live and feel its razzle and dazzle in every spin. 

Dream Catcher Live: Spin that Wheel!

Dream Catcher Live is one of the most simple but adrenaline-pumping games that you can play out there. The game involves a money wheel that contains different multipliers that will determine your payouts. 

This quick but extremely exhilarating game has two rounds—a betting and spinning round. The betting round is announced by the Dream Catcher Live host. Once the bets are placed, the host will then spin the wheel and its a quick waiting game from there. Hitting your multiplier in the wheel will award you a payout the size of your wager and multiplied by the multiplier you chose. 

Dream Catcher Live: The Gameshow of your Dreams 

Dream Catcher Live brings all the magic and enjoyment that you can feel in gameshows without the hustle. This dream come true of a  game is hosted by a lively host that you can interact with. You can converse and crack jokes around these witty dealers through the in-game chat system.

A clever host alone can’t run an exciting game show. Knowing this, Dream Catcher Live also features vibrant lights and lustrous hues provided by the wheel that will make every round entertaining. The colourful wheel of Dream Catcher Live dances in the tune of a jazzy musical score provided by a lively band of trumpets and percussion that will take you inside your favourite game show with the host’s every spin. 

Dream Catcher Live: Make Your Dreams Come True 

With its simple, effortless but exhilarating gameplay, Dream Catcher Live is certainly one of the most attractive live games out there. The thrill of waiting for the wheel to stop and the funny jokes from the witty hosts is nothing short but entertaining.