Mega Dragon: A Blast of Fortune

The Chinese believe that dragons symbolize luck, power and strength. Receive all three along with massive payouts in Mega Dragon slot. 

To receive good fortune from the great dragons, you must journey east to steep mountain ranges and climb the ornate golden steps to the dragon shrine. This shrine is adorned with gold coins, ornate markings and dragon-laced pillars fitting the beasts’ mighty reputation. The wonderful streaks of red and gold from the shrine contrasts the heavenly blue and white combination from the mountain ranges.

The charming eastern shrine backdrop of casino slot Mega Dragon houses lucky Feng Shui symbols that bring you joy with every spin. You will see gold ingots, coins and bagua mirrors that burst not only with luck and has a golden glow fit to honour the dragons.

However, all the shine and glow from these lucky artefacts will go in vain without the right music. Luckily, the shrine has a tranquil orchestra of traditional instruments such as tanggus, ruans and wind chimes that can calm you and tame even the wildest of dragons. 

Mega Dragon: Clustered Luck from the Holy Dragon Gods 

Casino slot Mega Dragon is 8-reel slot with a cluster pay system that honours the Chinese’s belief of dragons. Unlike regular slots, you can score luck and payouts in Mega Dragon slot by forming clusters compared to complicated paylines. Casino slot Mega Dragon also features 3 dragons that can randomly appear by having at least two adjacent wild symbols on the reels. 

The first of these lucky beasts is the Red Dragon bonus. This boost lets you turn random high-paying symbols into expanded symbols that can cover up to 9 tiles on the reels helping you have easy wins. 

The second lucky beast is the Green Dragon bonus. Under this boon’s power, random high-paying symbols transform into the same type, letting you secure wins without breaking a sweat. 

The third and final beast is the Golden Dragon bonus. Through this boost, random symbols turn into wild symbols turning the reels around in your favour.

Mega Dragon: Granted Prayers

Casino slot Mega Dragon is certainly an answer to your prayers. The massive payouts from the 3 Dragon Wild Bonus variants alone will make you a loyal devout of this lucky Feng Shui themed slot.